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Silicone Drainage Tube

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External Ventricular Drainage System


Standard Accessories:
(The other size catheter or special accessories can be customized.)
*External Ventricular Drainage Catheter(Fr8, Fr10, Fr12)with graduation.
*Guide Wire
*Circuit Tubing Set with distribution valve
*Drainage Bag
⊙It is designed to a closed system to avoid infection effectively.
⊙The catheter with good biocompatibility can be used for a long time.
⊙Soft silicone rubber and semi-globular tip ensure to reduce trauma to cerebral tissue.
⊙The graduated catheter assists in observing the depth of insertion.
⊙The guide wire helps insertion of E. V. D. catheter.
⊙One-way valve within drainage bag avoids reflux and infection.
⊙The drip chamber among circuit tubing set detects accurately the volume of cerebrospinal fluid.
⊙T-valve in E.V.D. system is used for collecting cerebrospinal fluid, injecting and detecting ventricular pressure.       
⊙E.V.D. system has the function of monitoring and adjusting ventricular pressure.


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