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Disposable Urethral Catheterization Kit


⊙ The kit with suitable kind and quantity can satisfy the request of the urethral catheterization.
⊙ The super lubricating Foley catheter is just like the loach, patients have no pain in the urethral catheterization.
⊙ There is no irritation and urinary sediment because of the super lubricating surface
of the catheter. 
⊙ Safe, reliable and convenient to the operation, and also avoid cross infection.
Temporary urine drainage and indwelling urine drainage
☆ The kit is restricted to be used by doctor and nurse.
☆ Sterilized by EO. Expiration date is 2 years. Do not use if package is opened or damaged.
☆ Do not matter if there is a little slight crystal or gel at the surface of the catheter.
☆ Single use only
☆ Store in a dark and dry place.
Accessories Table:
Note:The other size catheter or special accessories can be customized.

Accessories (Size)

Quantity A

Quantity B

Hydrophilic Foley Catheter or latex foley catheter
1 1
Catheter Clamp 1 1
Plastic Tweezers 2 3
Sterile Cotton Balls 1 2
20ml Syringe With Sterile Water 1 1
1000ml Urine Bag 1 1
12×75mm Test Tube 1 1
Gauze Pads 2 3
Fenestrated Drape 1 1
Surgical Drape 1 2
Latex Gloves 2 3
Lubricant Cotton Balls 1 1
Kidney-shaped Tray 1 1
Tray 1 2
Pin 1 1
String 1 1


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