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Nasolacrimal duct obstruction drainage kit



⊙ chronic dacryocystitis
⊙ nasolacrimal duct obstruction
⊙ nasolacrimal duct structure
⊙ mucocele of lacrimal sac
⊙ Re-stenosis after dacryocyst-orhinostomy

⊙ no scar on the face, don’t destruct the original anatomical structure  
⊙ bringing little pain, the method can be accepted easily.

① Choice of patients:at present the nasolacrimal bracket is located in the nasolacrimal under the acrimal,so it is useful for nasolacrimal duct obstruction,but uneffective for the obstruction up the lacrimal. Therfore, radiography before the operation,then chose the patients whose lacrimal canaliculus and common canaliculus are unobstructed and the dacryocyst exists.
② Points: insert the needle through the up lacrimal, so as not to damage the lacrimal to lead to epiphora. Push the bracket slowly under the electro-osmosis, stop pushing when see the mushroom tip autoexpand. 
③ irrigation of lacrimal passage: irrigate the lacrimal passage as soonas the implant of the bracket.
production configuration




artifical nasolacrimal canal Medical grade PU 1
nasolacrimal canal loader ABS 1
nasolacrimal canal pusher ABS 1
dilator cannulae ABS 1
dilator mandrel ABS 1
guide wire NITI memory alloys 1
hook stainless steel 1
lacrimal probe ABS+stainless steel 1
needle for angiography medical grade PVC+stainless steel 1

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