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Freda Pharmaceutical Group 2014 annual financial work confer


Recently, Freda Pharmaceutical Group held its 2014 annual financial work conference and the first accounting knowledge contest awards ceremony at the headquarters of the third floor conference room. Freda Pharmaceutical Group General Manager Li Xiangjun, deputy general manager Wang Tingbo, Hujian Yong, deputy general manager, financial director Xu Xiufeng, chief financial officer of each subordinate units attended the meeting.
 The meeting will begin studying the financial operating report Lu Business Group on "speeding up the transformation of financial management, and promote the sustainable development of the Group" of FY2014. Followed by the unit chief financial officer of the unit 2014 annual financial indicators, financial situation and the work carried out in 2015 work plan was working report. Chief Financial Officer xu xufeng Role of chief financial officer and accounting officer are emphasized self-discipline, and asked finance staff to work in earnest, active learning, innovation, and strive to complete this year's financial goals.

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