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Of "medical device Thirteen Five key directions of strategi


1, "Thirteen five" plan, see the medical device industry!

2014 China's 12th Five Year Plan to successfully complete the major projects on schedule to achieve the expected objectives. At the new historical starting point, puts forward the Grand National thirteen five plan. As a carrier of the Chinese dream, 45 times, of all walks of life have an important and far-reaching impact. Then, the grand 45 plan will bring what the medical device industry?

During the 12th Five year period, China will be the medical equipment into the part of the emerging industries, received high attention, and the entire medical equipment industry has been rapid development. Recently, the learning of the "four comprehensive" one is the comprehensive promotion of the well-off, but the comprehensive well-off is built on the basis of health. And the health enterprise is just a very important question which our country faces at present..

According to statistics, at present our country major disease patients have nearly 2.6 million people, and serious aging: elderly people over the age of 60 has reached 2.02 billion. In addition, the national and about 8 million disabled people, this is our country is currently facing a serious health problem. And our country because the distribution of medical resources is seriously uneven, coupled with the difficulty of medical treatment, a doctor your social reality. The health field has plagued the further development of the country.. How to solve the reality problems, faced with the brutal reality in currently the distribution of medical resources, high-quality medical equipment mostly imported imported medical instruments and very expensive, which clearly needs to be in the development of domestic medical equipment, through technological innovation, mode innovation to solve the uneven distribution of medical, such as remote medical treatment, health care and other Internet; through technical innovation to achieve mainstream medical devices / equipment made to solve the problem of expensive. To sum up, is to solve the difficult, expensive medical problems, the medical equipment industry, especially the development of domestic medical equipment industry. The domestic medical equipment industry planning will naturally become the top priority in the 45 plan.

2, "Thirteen five" strategic planning focus of medical devices

On March 26, the fourth session of the medical device industry, investment and mergers and acquisitions (M & A) CEO Summit, from the Chinese society of Biomedical Engineering Director and Dean of the school of biological and medical engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Professor fanyubo do the 45 medical devices on the strategy of "Report, and fan, chairman is also a national" 45 "the planning of medical apparatus and instruments are the main actors.

In the report, Professor Fan said: "supported by several successive 5 years plan, through the medical scientific and technological industry has the very big development, square face whether medical devices on several categories have great progress, through 45 have the very good opportunity." What is the national "45" during the key support for the development of the medical device industry?

First, the digital diagnosis and treatment equipment. According to Professor Fan said, "digital diagnostic equipment, this is the in form of a special focus on as" 45 "starting a special focus, tissue repair and regeneration materials, molecular diagnostic instruments and reagents, artificial organs and life support equipment, health detection equipment the five aspects. For example, there will be around the pension and health, the disabled have a task layout.

Second, high-end medical imaging products. At present domestic hospital for most of these products rely on imports, the core components and some medical detector, system software, high performance ultrasound, diagnosis and treatment integrated system and a new generation of X-ray machine of large medical equipment needs localization. Professor Fan said: "imaging and radiotherapy combined with tumor therapy equipment is in 45 should focus on supporting, especially high-end video equipment combined with radiotherapy treatment system in the 12th Five Year Plan has a good foundation, in the" 45 "will continue to support.

Third, medical biomaterials, especially the renewable materials.

In addition, Professor Fan also mentioned absorbable material, bone nails, bone plate can absorb some of the material and so on, and some high-end implant will is an important direction of 45 ".

Speaking of the hot 3D printing, Professor Fan said: "individualized surgical assistant has become an important trend, combined with 3D printing personalized treatment equipment especially lack of manufacturing system of the design, evaluation and individualized characteristics of, not combination of simple doctors and the 3D printer, but 3D printing using in the medical field what, what design, how to conduct the existing products, this is the need to address the scheme."

At present is that the IVD industry development can be described as non fast, in a variety of new optoelectronic technology and new biological materials and nano technology in the field of continuous integration, new method, reagent, chips and instrument will continue to launch, Professor Fan think this field is also a hot spot, is a need to support.

Intelligent medical because is helpful to solve the problem of medical resources, uneven distribution of the problem, but Professor Fan think at present on the market intelligent terminals, watches, their bearing function is very limited, how to develop a medical information monitoring, health information monitoring, evaluation, control terminal or system software or hardware terminal is a top priority of the medical device industry. "Otherwise, only on a few watch pedometer and so on is very limited, we cannot give the expectations of bearing!" Professor Fan called "amount of health information and medical information intelligent detection of miniaturization, convenient and so on is our industry to do!"

Of "medical device Thirteen Five key directions of strategic planning


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